Final paper submission of the 6th ICSBE 2021 is extended to 15 August 2021, Let’s take this advantage to submit your paper

All accepted papers will be published in the IOP Proceeding Conference Indexed Scopus in the Series of Earth and Environmental Science.

Introduction to the 6th ICSBE 2021

The environmental issues become a concern at global level that mostly effected by anthropogenic factors including infrastructures, transportation, energy, industries, etc. The emission and waste from these sources have a major contributor in changing to planetary-scale in the earth system, which consists of the land, oceans, atmosphere, polar regions, life, the planet’s natural cycles and deep earth processes that its parts influence one another including human society.

One of the significant impacts is climate change that affected the environmental condition around the world and increases human modification in social, daily life and infrastructure. Based on this, it is important to plan and design a sustainable environment and infrastructure that may greatly encounter and reduce environmental depletion and build the sustain environmental system and human behavior.

Facing these issues, nowadays, all of the country in the world addresses to against on environmental impact by designing a smart city that manages, implies smart systems and integrated solutions in all sectors including economic, health, public services, infrastructure development, and the environment. Some approaches such as green building, life cycle assessment, eco-system, etc, have been applied in several cities in reducing the emission and waste production by using a green and smart materials.

The topic of smart cities raised as the theme of the conference this time is very relevant to the conditions outlined earlier. As academics and practitioners, it should be at the forefront of thinking about this problem. Therefore, this conference is held to accommodate ideas or thoughts about all solutions to all problems mainly related to the vision of realizing smart cities.

Conference Proceedings


Accepted articles  will be published in proceedings and journal indexed Scopus publication and other an Open Access proceedings in Materials Science, Engineering and Chemistry, indexed below:

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