The Winner of the Best Paper Awards:

Aulina Reza Putri (Universitas Indonesia), “Effect of urease enzyme and clay mixture in shear strength properties of sand”

The Winner of the Best Presentation Awards:

Agung Murti Nugroho (Universitas Brawijaya), “Tropical Nusantara’s Contemporary House for Livable Environment”

Introduction to the 5th Conference 2018

Every community has been facing rapid changes in various aspects of life. At global level, the changes refer to planetary-scale changes in the Earth system which consists of the land, oceans, atmosphere, polar regions, life, the planet’s natural cycles and deep Earth processes that its parts influence one another including human society.

Beside the threat of significant climate change, there is growing concern over the ever-increasing human modification of other aspects of the global environment and the consequent implications for human well-being. Social systems can also change rapidly and discontinuously in ways that may greatly alter environmental systems and human being.

To address the changes, the governments, public and private institutions and people are required to agree on the ethical framework for global stewardship and strategies for environmental system management. The academic and scientific society that are believed to be the most prepared in facing rapid global changes should take a lead in exploring the new way addressing the problem.

With purpose to comprehend any new initiative for managing the changes and keep the environment livable, this conference will discuss in detail about the state-of-the-art of environmental management, technology, and methodology to address the changes at community, city, regional and global levels.

Conference Proceedings


Accepted papers will be published in conference proceedings by MATEC Web of Conferences, an Open Access proceedings in Materials Science, Engineering and Chemistry, indexed in:

Quote reference: MATECWoC-18-ICSBE2018


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