The International Conference on Sustainable Built Environment (ICSBE) is a forum initiated by the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning, Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII), through collaborations with worldwide universities and research institutions. The conference is aimed at nurturing the study, comprehension, and appreciation of the built environment.

The conference is intended to provide a forum for ideas exchange, knowledge sharing, and information dissemination concerning the study and research on built environment in different parts of the world. It seeks to further develop regional and international network of academics, professionals, and policy makers on the management of the built environment.

The first ICSBE was held in May 2010 in Yogyakarta, with the theme ‘Enhancing Disaster Prevention and Mitigation’, which attracted participants from 8 countries, who presented 74 selected papers. In response to the interests of the participants, the second conference was held in July 2012 with the theme ‘Livable Cities in Fast Growing Cities. The third was held in October 2014 by theme of ‘Resilience and Risk Reduction Towards Well-Being Society’. The fourth conference held in October  2016 presented the theme of ‘Sustainable Building and Environment for Sophisticated Life’.

To expand the benefit of the new knowledge of ICSBE to the region, starting on the fifth, the conference will be conducted as travel conference biennial series from one city to another. Therefore, starting this year of 2018, the ICSBE will be held in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, Indonesia, co-jointly organised by the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Lambung Mangkurat (ULM) and the Municipal Government of Banjarmasin.