PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines

  • All authors are obliged to make an oral presentation before their papers are entitled for publication.
  • Authors are not allowed to run PowerPoint presentations directly from a laptop in the parallel session rooms.
  • All PowerPoint presentations must be submitted to the committee by 30th October 2017 at the latest.
  • The presentations will then be distributed to the parallel session rooms and made available at the time of the presentation.
  • Presentations should preferably be prepared, as it is not possible to edit after submission.

Technical Requirements

Number of Slide
Your presentation should be between 8 – 15 slides.

Slide Size
Please use 4:3 as size of presentation slide.

Heading (Calibri 20 – 24 pt), Body (Calibri 18 – 20 pt)

File Format

The conference computers will run MS PowerPoint 2007. Only MS PowerPoint presentations with power point show formats (*.ppt or *.pptx) will be accepted.

Please note that Prezi is not supported. If you are using this format, your presentation must be converted and tested before submit.

For Macintosh Computer User(s)

PowerPoint.mac and Keynote (*.key) presentations are not accepted. Transfer your presentation to a Windows format and check your presentation to ensure that it is compatible with the conference computers.

Flash-animations and Macros

Flash-animations  and Macros within your presentation are not recommended. Should they be essential to your presentation, please contact the committee.

Movies and video files

If your presentation contains links to video files, it is essential that you submit not only your PowerPoint file, but also your video files. Most video files types (e.g. .MP4, MPEG, .wmv, .AVI, etc.) are accepted. All videos linked to PowerPoint slides must be tested and checked in advance to be sure they will work properly.

Place all audio and movie files linked with the presentation into a single file folder or zip/rar to pack your data. Do not use any passwords or encryption for your files.

Special characters

To avoid any compatibility problems, please do not use special characters (e.g. «, Ö, Ø, ñ, ε, ®, ý, }, {, etc.) to name your files.

File size
Size of presentation file should be no more 500 MB.

Presentation Room Equipment

Session rooms will contain the following basic equipment:

  • Microphone
  • PC/Laptop;
  • Screen and projector displaying the PowerPoint presentation.

Each author has 10 minutes time for oral presentation.